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For Ken

Dean Jones

Grammy Award-Winning Producer
Ken is an amazing teacher! I've seen him at work in schools and camps and with my own kids in private lessons. He is gentle and funny and inspiring. He's also great at figuring out what a student is interested in and how to help them succeed in learning.

Nicole Fagan

My two children have been taking guitar lessons from him for several years and during that time they have not only remained enthusiastic about music but also have become proficient in their instrument. I highly recommend lessons with Ken McGloin, he always makes sure that the music they are interested in and the music that would challenge them to become better was being played.

Allsion Friberg

Ken inspired my son to pick up a guitar 7 years ago, and they've been working together ever since! They've developed a really nice rapport; my son always enjoys his lessons.

Susan Griss

I started studying electric bass with Ken 5 years ago, and I have loved every minute. As an adult student who began lessons in my 60's, I find Ken's teaching to be supportive and challenging and personalized to my aesthetic and ability. I especially enjoy the combination of technique, exposure to listening to great performers, and an introduction to the amazing world of music theory.

Lee Reich

Under Ken’s able guidance, I have made steady and satisfying progress from a beginner to an intermediate ukulele player. He pushes me where I wouldn’t have thought I could go.

Nancy Tierney

In the many, many years I’ve been a student of Ken’s, I’ve never once doubted his sincere desire and commitment to my progress and my ability to have fun while learning and playing. Anytime I’ve struggled to get something, or I feel I’m slamming into the same obstacle, he tries to find a different approach or perspective that opens a door and helps me “get it” faster.

I highly recommend Ken McGloin as a teacher. He is smart, patient, mind-blowingly talented, generous, kind and committed to his students. And he also makes a killer espresso.
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